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Lithuanian Business Law

Lithuania provides a modern framework of business activity regulation. The business regulation in Lithuania complies with the European Union standards.

The new Lithuanian Civil Code is modelled after the most recent Western codifications. Its contract law follows the international and European standards in the field of business transactions regulation very closely. Lithuania has a modern Code of Civil Procedure as well as a modern law on Commercial Arbitration. It is a member of the New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards.

An international treaty on the avoidance of double taxation between Lithuania and Switzerland has been signed in 2002. The treaty generally follows the OECD master treaty on the avoidance of double taxation.

For an overview of the Lithuanian legal system, please consult the following link: A guide to the Lithuanian legal system by the NYU Law Global


Do not hesitate to contact the board members for more information on the Lithuanian legal system.


For download:

Doppelbesteuerungabkommen Litauen Schweiz

Lietuvos Sveicarijos sutartis del pajamu bei kapitalo dvigubo apmokestinimo isvengimo



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