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Above study (analysis of the banking sector in Lithuania and a critical
and constructive input of the future of the Lithuanian banking sector)
was written by Dr. Pedroja in cooperation with the Economy Department
of the University of Vilnius.


PDF Symbol, link for downloading the document

Lithuania’s Food Sector
Strengths and Where/What Lithuanian Exporters Are Looking Globally


Moody‘s upgrades Lithuania's government bond rating

VILNIUS, May 09, BNS – Moody‘s credit rating agency has upgraded Lithuania‘s long-term borrowing rating from Baa1 (positive outlook) to A3 (stable outlook).

Moody’s decision was driven by competitiveness and resilience of Lithuania‘s economy, continuation of the government‘s fiscal consolidation and country’s membership in the euro zone.

Moody‘s has become the third of the main credit ratings agencies to return Lithuania to the highest rating levels in its sovereign credit history. „Standard & Poor‘s” (S&P) upgraded Lithuania‘s long-term borrowing rating from BBB to A- in April 2014, Fitch upgraded the rating form BBB+ to A- in June 2014.


Learn more about Lithuania, follow this link:


A new video to present Lithuania’s business environment

link to the video


Parlt speaker invites Swiss businessmen to invest in Lithuania:

Vilnius, July 29 (ELTA) - During the meeting with Didier Burkhalter, Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland, Lithuania's Speaker of Parliament Vydas Gedvilas invited Swiss businessmen to invest more actively in Lithuania.

"We invite Swiss businessmen to expand business in our country and to increase investment. We suggest investing in traditional sectors such as textile, furniture, food industry, high-tech, biotechnologies," said Gedvilas.

The speaker of the Seimas welcomed the results of economic cooperation between Lithuania and Switzerland - in 2012 compared to 2011, the volume of both export and import increased.

Gedvilas presented Burkhalter the priorities of the Lithuanian Presidency of the EU Council as well as the events that had already taken place in the Seimas and the events that are planned in the future. The speaker of the Seimas also touched upon the planned negotiations between the EU and Switzerland over automatic exchange of information on interest gains from bank deposits that should begin in autumn. "Lithuania as the Presidency of the EU Council will aim at smooth and effective decision-making of the institutions of the EU and Switzerland," pointed out Gedvilas.



The Chamber of Commerce Switzerland-Lithuania is  glad to present a group photo of the members of “Lithuanian black-and-white cattle breeders association” which was introduced to the Swiss farm Saetteli Holsteins ( by our Chamber. This group (55 persons) visited Saetteli Holsteins on July 4th, 2013.

The Group   The Holstein Cow

For larger pictures please click the respective picture.



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