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About the Chamber

The Swiss-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce as a non-profit organization was founded in December 2008. The domicile of the Chamber is in the premises of Juris Treuhand AG in Zug, Switzerland.

The Chamber aims to promote and support the economic relations between both countries - Lithuania and Switzerland. It promotes the exchange in economic matters, helps to find business partners as well as contributes to the exchange in cultural and scientific matters by organizing seminars and provides the interested parties with necessary information on members and their activities.

The Chamber of Commerce is registered in the Register of Swiss companies and organizations according to the Swiss Civil code.

Members of the Board:

Dr Graziano Pedroja, President, Zug
Mrs Indre Globyte Steinemann, Oberwil BL
Mr Romualdas Petraitis




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Chamber of Commerce Switzerland - Lithuania 
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